January 2, 2014 | Vol. 40, No. 1

Yesterday's News

January 3, 1914 – Capt. Egill Erickson, skipper of the halibut schooner Polaris, a well known fisherman all along the southeastern Alaska coast, on his return to Seattle last week reported having discovered and located new halibut banks near Prince William sound. The Captain did not care to make public the location of the banks at present.

Local fishermen are aware of the fact that many good catches of halibut have been made in the vicinity of Prince William sound and for the first time several Seattle vessels, including Polaris, went that far north this season to operate.

December 29, 1983 – Warm water mixing with the frigid air along Wrangell Narrows, created a steamy looking fog in the south boat harbor last week. Low temperatures prevailed during the week, keeping the thermometer in the teens. It dipped down to 8 degrees on Dec. 21.

December 30, 1993 – The year 1993 saw a lessening of friction at Petersburg General Hospital, and a growing concern over which route to select for a road to the proposed new Cabin Creek reservoir.

The hospital started taking action on building a new clinic.

The year was also one of unusual developments- the lack of rain in the summer, and lack of snow in the winter; a mixed fishing season.

January 1, 2004 – 2003 was a year of changes for Petersburg, some welcome and some less so. Mountain View Manor and Outlook Park were constructed, while other long-awaited projects like the Coastal Path and Community Pool made seemingly little progress. Following a growing trend, city officials moved several steps closer to working for annexation and borough formation. Bucking other trends, school enrollment was up and the local economy remained relatively solid.

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