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January 10, 1914 – Dancing being the favorite divertissement to Alaskans, many late comers from down east where this amusement is almost considered a crime, and therefore prohibited, finding themselves in a country where dancing is freely indulged in as a pleasure and a harmless recreation, have expressed a desire to learn of late. In answer to the pressing demand, Prof. F. Pruschoff, formerly instructor of a dancing club in Portland, Oregon, has decided to open a class.

January 12, 1984 – Final plans for the new high school building were approved Tuesday during a School Board meeting.

The plans will go to the City Council for approval. Bids should be let by early February and awarded by early March, according to architects.

The basic bid includes library and classroom additions and work on the existing boiler room, the old gym, and the vocational education buildings.

January 8, 2004 – Some came to see the latest in fire fighting equipment. Some came to sign up for classes. Some came to just sit in the big red fire trucks. And some came only for the hot dogs, but for whatever reason that local residents flocked to the Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department's open house on Saturday they were all met with the professionalism that has become the espirit de corps of Peterburgs unsung heroes.

“One of our most important reasons for being here is, of course, recruiting,” Sam Bunge commented. “We are always in need of recruits. You never have too many hands on a fire.”

Bunge is one of two full-time fire department personnel. There are 17 volunteer fire fighters, 13 volunteer emergency medical technicians (EMT), 14 volunteers with both fire fighting and EMT training, and 10 volunteer Search and Rescue (SAR) members.


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