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Thank you Petersburg

Letter to the Editor:

The Petersburg School District would like to thank our community for supporting the 10th Annual Little Norway Invitational Basketball Tournament that took place in December. The tournament is a high school basketball invitational tournament in memory of Jerry Dahl, Sr. The committee, composed of the family of Jerry Dahl, Sr., Rick and Dino Brock, Jaime Cabral and Rick Dormer, has worked to bring teams from varying areas to town for three days of competition at the beginning of the HS basketball season. The Little Norway tournament offers our boys and girls a chance to compete with teams from different regions, many of whom we might not normally face, as well as a chance for parents and fans to see our kids compete here at home at a time of year when many alumni and families are in town. We would like to thank the businesses in town for their support, especially our Big 3 sponsors: Petro Marine, Petersburg Fisheries, and the Westerly, Inc. Without the financial support of this community, the tournament would not be possible.These funds allow us to offer financial assistance to traveling teams. The tournament would also not be possible without the help of the referees, score keepers, timers, the parents who house kids and provide the delicious food for the teams, and of course, you the fans.

Bridget Wittstock

Jerry's story

Letter to the Editor:

In July of 2011, the doctors in a teaching hospital down south told Jerry that there was nothing else they could do for the MASA infection he had contracted after surgery and he only had 60-90 days left to live. We then Medivaced him home.

The consistently great concern and care typical to Petersburg started as soon as he touched down at the airport. His favorite EMT, Val Allen, was there to greet him home. He was brought to Petersburg Medical Center and was under the wonderful care of the PMC staff. The fantastic nurses, under Jennifer’s watch and with Janet’s help, had everything ready to start his care. Michelle, Derek and Chad got him settled in, brought him lots of goodies and spent many hours at the hospital with him while I drove home from Oregon.

Right off the bat, Rosa made it her mission to heal the open, draining MASA infection in his leg. In just a couple of weeks she did what no one else could do. Dr. Tuccillo took over as his doctor and told us not to give up because he wasn’t about to give up.

Nate engaged his mind, talking about hunting, fishing and guy stuff. Marci made sure his coffee was always made just right and Cathy kept him laughing.

After the CNAs caught him playing tricks on them, it was agreed that he was well enough to enter into home care. This is where the amazing Sharon entered our lives, got us all squared away at home and through her diligence and attention, had him independent of her care by April 2012.

A simple thank you is not enough to the many people who helped us. Family, friends, in-laws, outlaws (Bucky and Mark), medical staff (like Jenna, who Jerry always made sure to comb his hair for – he’s afraid of her) and most of all, his beloved dog Jakie --- all of your love and support is why he is still here today.

Janice Kvernvik


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