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Parks and recreation director seeks public assistance to curb vandalism


Kyle Clayton / Petersburg Pilot

A vehicle drove over the fence and spun donuts on the ball field several weeks ago. Damage is estimated at around $500.

Petersburg Parks and Recreation staff is reaching out to the community for information related to recent vandalism at the Mort Fryer Sports Park.

Donnie Hayes, parks and rec director, said the most recent bout of vandalism will cost more than $500 and eat up valuable staff time.

"For us in parks and recreation it (the ball field) is the facility that gets vandalized the most," Hayes said. "There's a lot of use out of these facilities but when we're spending hours and hours trying to fix the vandalism and destruction it doesn't give us as much time to clean up the skate park or spend as much time on the projects downtown or at Sandy Beach."

Hayes was checking the facilities last week after a car was found stuck in the Muskeg after the driver attempted to drive the vehicle on the Hungry Point Trail near the ball field.

That's when he discovered a broken fence and ruts in the red baseball field.

"Someone has just pushed it over with their vehicle and drove right on through. You can see the peel out marks," Hayes said. "They drove right out onto the field and then did donuts."

He believes the incident happened sometime between January 1 and January 11.

Hayes is looking for any information from the public that might help them find those responsible.


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