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Resident charged with theft after pet escaped "doggy jail"


A Petersburg man is representing himself at a jury trail after police charged him with Theft and Criminal Trespass for taking his dog from the borough pound.

Martin Massin said his dog, Lucky, ran away when he was cutting wood near Hungry Point. He found out later through Facebook’s local Buy & Sell & Trade page that his dog had been taken to the pound.

According to the probable cause statement, Massin inquired as to the location of the “doggy jail” when another Facebook user “described the location of the impound cage and further suggested that user ‘Martin Massin’ would need to be accompanied by a police officer and pay the fee unless he intended to ‘break him out’.”

Massin said he drove to the pound to see if Lucky was the dog being described on the Facebook page.

“When he (Lucky) saw me he jumped halfway up the fence, climbed up and bolted over,” Massin said. “I’m wasn’t thinking it was a big deal. It’s my dog right?”

The probable cause statement states Massin did not contact police, according to dispatch records, the day Massin drove away with his dog.

Massin said he took Lucky home and went to the police station several days later to register the animal and pay the fines associated with the impound and owning an unregistered dog.

“I talked to the officer that arrested my dog,” Massin said. “They didn’t say anything to me about criminal trespass. They came a week later to serve papers. I was flabbergasted.” Martin said he refuses to spend money on a lawyer so he decided to represent himself.

“The whole thing, I believe, is a joke,” Massin said. “I can’t believe they’re wasting their time and my time on this.”

His trial is scheduled for March 18.


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