February 20, 2014 | Vol. 40, No. 8

New member joins assembly

The Petersburg Borough Assembly voted in a new member to fill the seat left vacant by John Hoag earlier this month.

Kyle Clayton / Petersburg Pilot
Deputy Clerk Debra Thompson swears in Stanton Gregor after borough assembly members voted 5-1 for him to fill John Hoag\'s vacant seat.

Jeigh Stanton Gregor, co-owner of True North Counseling and Consultation, was sworn in last Friday.

Stanton Gregor said he was encouraged by several Petersburg residents to join the assembly after Hoag resigned. He said no single issue prompted his desire to join the assembly and that he's been interested in serving the public in this capacity for some time. He submitted a letter of interest a year ago as well.

"The skill that will serve me well in this is I'm generally a pretty level-headed person devoid of agenda," Stanton Gregor said. "My goal is to serve all members of the community as best I can."

Al Dwyer also submitted a letter of interest to fill Hoag's seat. The assembly voted 5-1 in favor of Stanton Gregor.

Hoag, an attorney, stepped down Feb. 3 due to a conflict of interest between a client and the borough.

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