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Borough should live within means

To the Editor:

Well, we got the borough rammed down our throats supposedly to get more money for the city coffers, but apparently not enough.

How much time and money has been expended to get new stationary, new pictures taken of the old folks and new cards with a B in front of the old number, mailed out to the people, new logo, etc. put on the city/borough vehicles? How many more people have been put on the payroll for the extra work, or were there already enough?

How much has it cost the city/borough to send an appraiser out to all the outlying areas? The appraisals seem awfully high so I imagine that is where the borough expects to get a lot of money to run things.

I think it is high time the city/borough starts to live within their means like the rest of us have to.

On another subject, I hope whoever does the work on Sing Lee Alley/Rasmus Enge Bridge leaves space between the planks so the moisture doesn't sit and cause rot sooner instead of later.

Sigrid Medalen


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