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Science bowl students among top competitors in State competition


The Seas Masons—Petersburg High School’s Alaska Tsunami Science Bowl team—placed 4th out of the 18 teams from across Alaska that competed in the science bowl in Seward two weeks ago.

The competition consisted of three categories: a research paper, a presentation and a quiz bowl. In those categories, the Petersburg team placed 9th in the research paper, 2nd in the presentation and 3rd in the quiz bowl.

The Sea Mason’s spent the past seven months researching the effects of ocean freshening through the air-sea interface.

Sea Mason’s team captain Kyle Hagerman has participated in the science bowl for three years now and said this year’s project included the most in-depth research yet. They studied other scientific research and spoke with a college professor as they created their project.

“It feels really good because we tackled a high level of science, especially this year,” Hagerman said. “It was gratifying that we were confusing a professor on our topic as we were trying to understand it ourselves.”

The Petersburg District School board voted last month to give half an elective credit to science bowl participants and Hagerman said it’s nice to be rewarded for the hard work he and the other students put in throughout the year.”

The Sea Mason’s placed 2nd in the presentation category. Team member Diane Murph—who fellow science bowl students elected Team Most Valuable Player—said this year they were prepared. They spent a lot of time memorizing their scripts and practicing the presentation the students eventually gave before a panel of judges.

“And we wore cute outfits,” Murph joked.

The Sea Mason’s research conclusion, in part, states that increased fresh water entering the world’s oceans could, over the long-term, change weather patterns and fisheries among other ecological processes.

Students Cole Somerville, Nels Evens and Tucker Hagerman were also on the team. PSD teacher Joni Johnson oversaw the students during the research process.

This is the sixth year Petersburg has competed in the science bowl.


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