March 13, 2014 | Vol. 40, No. 11

Police reports

March 5

A caller reported a safety hazard from an individual feeding birds in the roadway.

March 6

A caller spoke with an officer concerning assault.

A caller reported a noise complaint.

Officers responded to several reports of a possible domestic disturbance.

March 7

An officer responded to a noise complaint.

A caller reported an individual refusing to leave property.

A caller reported theft from a fuel tank.

An officer received a report of an upsetting phone contact.

A caller requested extra patrols.

March 8

Police received two reports of a vehicle blocking a roadway.

March 9

A caller reported being harassed by an individual.

An officer responded to a report of noise in a vacant apartment.

March 10

A caller reported an assault.

A caller spoke with an officer about an Internet site.

Officers responded to report of hearing sounds of a fight.

March 11

A caller reported a possible attempted break-in near South 3rd Street.

During this reporting period there were two EMS dispatches, one burn permit request and one animal call.

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