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Scow Bay Turnaround limit rumor

To the Editor:

Over the last couple of weeks, the Petersburg Borough Assembly has received letters from out of town boat owner expressing concern that the borough is planning to place a load limit on the  Scow Bay Turnaround ramp and they would no longer be allowed to have their vessel hauled out at the turnaround.

We are writing in hopes of putting an end to this rumor by stating as clearly and unequivocally as possible:

No one is proposing a load limit on the ramp at the Scow Bay Turnaround. A load limit is not being discussed, contemplated, or even considered.

Now that we’ve clarified what we are NOT doing, we’d like to provide some information on what we are planning at the ramp this year – a small patch job. Over the years, the concrete planks comprising the ramp have eroded and the PEDC has hired a contractor to patch the concrete and try to stabilize the planks in an attempt to extend its useful until such time as it can be replaced.

If you have any questions, please contact either Liz Cabrera at 772-4042 or Glo Wollen at 772-4688.

Petersburg Economic Development Council Board of Directors

Nancy Berg, Joyce Cummings, Casey Flint, Stephen Giesbrecht, Brian Lynch, Nick Ohmer, Nancy Strand, Hillary Whitethorn

Glorianne Wollen, Harbor Master


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