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Police reports


March 13

An officer responded to a report of suspicious activity at a business.

A caller reported losing a firearm.

A caller reported damage to a door knob appearing to look like attempted break-in near South 3rd Street.

A caller reported having to make an evasive maneuver to avoid their windshield being struck by a head sized boulder after it fell out of a dump truck.

A caller reported a vehicle parked over time.

An officer responded to a report of a possible intoxicated driver.

March 14

Officers responded to a report of four individuals shouting.

A caller reported speeding up and down Excel Street.

A caller reported a large vehicle blocking traffic lanes, creating a visual hazard and causing near accidents.

March 15

A caller reported three individuals on his boat in the Middle Harbor and some personal belongings missing.

A caller reported receiving a report of an overdose through a phone text.

March 16

An officer responded to a report of loud music.

A caller reported an unruly person not leaving an establishment on Chief John Lott Street.

A caller reported loud and intoxicated people running up and down the stairs.

A caller reported a fight in progress and a broken window in an apartment complex.

The harbormaster requested assistance with a trespasser.

A caller requested an officer drive by a business.

March 17

A third party reported a possible domestic violence dispute.

March 18

A caller reported hitting a parked vehicle.

An individual contacted an officer on the street about a suspicious individual.

A caller reported a fender bender.

A caller reported a missing bank card and charges made on his account.

An officer responded to a report of an individual prowling around.

During this reporting period there were three animal calls and six EMS dispatches.


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