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Hospital submits budget as borough wide budget hearings begin


The Petersburg Medical Center submitted a balanced budget to the assembly earlier this month.

The budget for fiscal year 2015 anticipates a net gain of $333,014 after covering $13.5 million in total operating expenses compared to $13.3 million last year.

More than $9 million is budgeted for salaries, wages and employee benefits—an increase of around $229,000 from the year before.

Net patient revenue is anticipated at around $13.7 million compared to $13.5 million last year.

In creating next year’s budget, the PMC Board operated under several assumptions.

It assumed average patient visits would remain the same.

It also assumed the health insurance premium will increase by 10 percent—and additional $40,000 of employee benefits the hospital is responsible for paying.

The uncertainty over the current employer contribution for the Public Employee Retirement System may also increase by 2 percent—a cost that translates to more than $100,000.

Petersburg Borough and Petersburg School District staff are currently working on their respective budgets, which will go before the assembly for review during budget hearings.


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