March 27, 2014 | Vol. 40, No. 13

State dismisses "doggy jail" case

District Attorney Nick Polasky dismissed a case against Petersburg resident Martin Massin who local police charged with Theft and Criminal Trespass after he took his runaway dog from the pound.

Massin said his dog Lucky jumped the fence at the local dog pound when Massin went to check on him.

“When he (Lucky) saw me he jumped halfway up the fence, climbed up and bolted over,” Massin said. “I wasn’t thinking it was a big deal. It’s my dog right?”

Massin paid the fines associated with having an unregistered dog and the impound fees several days later. A week later he was served papers.

Martin decided to take the case to trial and represent himself but the State dismissed the case last week after learning he had paid the fines.

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