Obituary, Gabrielle "Gaye" Kelly Nyberg, 62


Gabrielle "Gaye" Kelly Nyberg

Gaye was born April 26, 1951 to Millie Belshaw and Ed and Marie Reiger. She was raised in Portland, Ore. and lived for years in Hawaii and Alaska.

Gaye loved horses and camping. While sitting around a campfire she often said, "smoke follows beauty and beauty was a horse." Her brothers would enjoy a laugh when the smoke followed her.

She and her husband Mike Nyberg spent a lot of time with her large family. Together they enjoyed holidays and going hunting and camping. Almost annually she and Mike would travel to Ariz. and Mexico to soak up the sun and recharge their batteries.

Gaye was always there to help a family member, friend or stranger in their time of need-- be it illness, injury or tragedy. This desire to help extended to her last selfless act of being an organ donor. Part of her will live on in the lives of others who may not have without her gift.

Gaye was adopted by Trudy Robbins into the Eagle clan, Seal/Killer Whale House. Her Tlingit name was Gasu, meaning "to soar."

There will be a potluck celebration of life at the Petersburg Moose Lodge on March 29 at 2:00 pm. Cards to the family will be forwarded.


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