April 3, 2014 | Vol. 40, No. 14

Local child care worker wins regional award

Fillmore Evenson, Petersburg's Children's Center Eagle's Nest lead teacher, won Southeast Alaska's School Age Caregiver of the Year.

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Kyle Clayton / Petersburg Pilot
Evenson is the Eagle\'s Nest teacher for the K-5 grade after school program at the Children\'s Center.

Evenson has been working at the Children's Center for around six years and last year began leading the Eagle's Nest class-an after school program for K-5 graders.

"After their brains are already filled with information, then I get the aftermath," Evenson joked.

Children's Center Director Terri Falter said since Evenson has been leading the program, student enrollment has doubled.

"I have parents call me because their kids want to go to Eagle's Nest," Falter...

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