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Petersen to enter guilty pleas for child pornography charges


Former Petersburg Community School District Maintenance Director Tye Petersen plans to plead guilty to Distribution, Receipt and Possession of Child Pornography—three counts that carry up to 20 years of imprisonment each and a $250,000 fine for each count.

In exchange for the U.S. District Court's acceptance of Petersen's guilty plea, U.S. prosecutors agree not to prosecute the defendant further for any other offenses arising out of the investigation related to Petersen's indictment, the plea agreement states.

Last July, FBI investigators identified sexually explicit photos and videos of minors exchanged between an email account registered to Petersen and an account identified as “Tennessee Joe 1.”

Since October, the FBI investigators executed several search warrants of Petersen’s home and electronic devices where they seized more than 1,200 pornographic images and more than 35 videos that were obtained as early as November 2007.

FBI and local school officials announced in February that non-pornographic images of local children had also been discovered which Petersen downloaded from social media accounts and possibly from student computers. Petersen is also believed to have photographed students through a small hole into the school’s mat room. The FBI has informed all parents whose children had been identified in images seized from Petersen.

Should the Alaska District Court accept the plea agreement, no additional charges would be filed against Petersen in association with the local images or the way in which he obtained them.

Petersen resigned from the district last October and was arrested soon after in the Juneau airport awaiting a flight to Seattle, Wash.

Petersen’s attorney requested his change of plea hearing be scheduled June 23, 2014 at

4 p.m.


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