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Southeast Chinook harvest quota up


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) announced yesterday a 2014 Southeast Alaska Chinook salmon all gear harvest quota of 439,400 fish.

Those fish fall under the Pacific Salmon Treaty—non-Alaska-hatchery produced Chinook.

“The quota is based on the forecast of aggregate abundance of Pacific Coast Chinook salmon stocks originating from river systems in the area subject to management under the treaty, which stretches from Cape Suckling, Alaska to Cape Falcon, Oregon,” an ADFG press release states.

ADFG officials stated the actual 2013 Chinook run last year far exceeded forecasted levels. This year’s forecasts for large runs to those river systems are reflected in this year’s increased quota.

This year’s harvest quota is an increase of more than 263,000 compared to last year.

The year’s preseason troll fishery harvest is up more than 195,500 from last year.

2014 Treaty Chinook Number of

salmon allocations Chinook salmon

All-gear treaty quota 439,400

Total net gear allocation 32,637

Troll (80 percent after net gear subtracted) 325,411

Sport (20 percent after net gear subtracted) 81,353


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