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Thank you Petersburg Indian Association

To the Editor:

Without the foresight and initiative to begin a voluntary curbside recycling program many years ago, many things would not have happened in Petersburg. Many different tribal members would not have had jobs over the years, faithfully picking up recycling from environmentally aware volunteer recyclers on a weekly basis.

As the Borough introduces and welcomes Wes and Angie Davis, owners of Ruger’s Trucking, as our new recycling collection contractor I want to recognize and thank PIA, and their recycling program employees, for their years of service to the community. They deserve some recognition for their progressive vision for recycling in our small town and for taking the initiative to make it happen. I encourage the community to join us in thanking the PIA and

their employees, as well as welcoming Ruger’s Trucking to

the recycling route.

Karl Hagerman

Petersburg Borough Public Works Director

Oil tax revenue for the state of Alaska

To the Editor:

I read with great interest the full page ad in the March 13, 2014 Pilot urging Alaskans to vote no on Ballot Measure One this summer. In the fine print, I noted the major sponsors of this add, and its position, are the oil companies that do business in the state.

I discussed this with a knowledgeable Alaska legislator who has, I believe, Alaska's best interests at heart. He directed me to a recent interview where he was quoted as saying that a no vote on this issue results in a cost to the oil companies of $300 million and a loss of revenue to the state of Alaska of $3.3 billion.

It goes without saying that a yes vote will mitigate loss of revenue for the state and will not be popular with the oil companies, or their political shills that managed to get this passed into law (SB21).

I urge all of you to learn more about this issue in the coming months, and vote in the primary election, in August, and cast an absentee ballot as necessary, as this is a critical funding issue for the great state of Alaska.

Current tax policy for oil revenue sharing may need some changes to ensure Alaskans benefit from this great resource. But, voting no on this measure is not the answer to protect that revenue stream into the future.

Scott L. Stafford

Rochester, MN


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