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May 2, 1914 – Administration leaders today laid plans for raising war revenue in case the army has to go into Mexico.

The first measure planned would impose a stamp tax on checks and legal documents. Another would tax sweet wine and fortified brandies and probably beer. According to the estimate, this measure would net the treasury about one hundred and sixteen million dollars a year, and if the situation demanded, a tax would be imposed on cigarettes, cigars, and tobacco.

May 3, 1974 Celebrating the Pilot's 40th Year– Paul Bowen runs a prestigious crew of surveyors, who always seem to be in demand.

Now in its seventh year, Bowen's high school survey class holds the unique distinction of having placed every graduating student who wanted one in a surveying position with state agencies, engineering firms, consulting firms, or private industry.

Bowen said that for several years his students have done work for the City, coordinating the projects with the City's immediate and projected needs.

May 3, 1984 – Congressman Don Young (R-Alaska) has agreed to co-sponsor HR 5032, a bill that would require all foreign fish products to be clearly labeled as such when sold at the retail level. The bill, which was introduced by Congressman Jeffords of Vermont in March, is pending before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

“Although foreign fish is identified when it is first received in this country, it is rarely labelled as a foreign product at the retail level. I think that this bill will help U.S. consumers clearly understand what they are purchasing, and will give our fishing industry a helping hand- at no expense to the taxpayers- in selling their fish in the U.S.”

May 6, 2004 – Petersburg Mental Health Trust and the US Forest Service will be holding a joint reception on May 13 to celebrate the purchase of Petersburg Creek land by the Forest Service, completed on April 12.

The transaction, underway since 2000, includes 3200 acres of land, said Doug Campbell of the Mental Health Trust this week. The Forest Service paid $2.53 million for the parcel, receiving federal funding to do so.


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