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Police reports


April 23

A caller reported a blown down tree in the road.

A caller reported a dead deer in a ditch.

An officer spoke with a caller regarding the repossession of property.

A caller wanted to go on record stating that dogs chased him while jogging along Mitkof Highway.

April 24

A caller reported black smoke.

A caller requested officer assistance for a truancy.

Police received a report of concern over the welfare of an individual.

A caller reported an individual walking and shouting profanities.

Police received a third party report of an individual screaming and shouting obscenities.

April 25

A caller requested assistance for a truancy.

A caller reported being placed in fear by an individual’s vulgar, insulting and threatening posturing.

A caller reported a vehicle pulling out of the Hammer & Wikan downtown parking lot after pushing and scraping the caller’s door and pinning her as she was placing her child into a carrier.

Police received a report of a vehicle accident.

An officer responded to a caller’s report of being assaulted.

April 26

A caller reported seven bunnies in the road.

Police issued a citation to David D. Estes, 23, for Driving while License is Suspended, Canceled or Revoked and Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance.

April 27

A caller reported loud neighbors.

April 28

A caller reported an intruder in her home on Lansing Street.

Police received a report of a loud neighbor waking up the caller’s tenants between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m.

A caller reported harassment.

April 29

A caller reported a fight between two youths.

A caller reported a vehicle blocking a roadway.

During this reporting period there were 13 burn permit requests, six animal calls and four EMS dispatches.


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