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New photography studio opens on Sing Lee Alley


Kyle Clayton / Petersburg Pilot

Mandy Kivisto opened Altered Perceptions Studio as this year's Little Norway Festival kicked off.

Mandy Kivisto opened up a new photography studio as the Little Norway Festival kicked off last week.

Kivisto has only been seriously into photography for two years, but since then her photos have been published in Alaska Magazine and Alaska Airlines Magazine, and she's earned a handful of awards for her work.

The name of Kivisto's business, Altered Perceptions Studio, was inspired by the experience of looking into the view finder of a camera she got for Christmas two years ago.

"I hadn't had a camera where you have to look through the eye piece in a long time and that kind of changed my view of everything," Kivisto said. "I felt like I was part of what I was photographing. Looking through the eyepiece altered my perception of everything. It changed my life."

Kivisto shoots portraits, events and landscapes among other subjects. Altered Perceptions opened May 15.


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