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Salvation Army couple remembers Petersburg


Kyle Clayton / Petersburg Pilot

The Fankhausers have spent the last three years in Petersburg as Core Officers in the Petersburg Salvation Army.

Salvation Army Lieutenants Caleb Fankhauser and Christin Fankhauser are saying goodbye to Petersburg after three years of service in the community as they transfer to Homer next month.

"The Salvation Army is a lot like the regular military," Caleb Fankhauser said. "You get told this is where you're needed and you get sent and salute and go."

The Fankhausers came to Petersburg fresh after graduating from the Salvation Army Seminary-a training school in Los Angeles, Calif.

"It's a great place, especially for our first assignment, because we really had a lot of support," Caleb Fankhauser said. "It makes any challenges that you do face a lot easier when you have that kind of back up. It's a wonderful place. We're definitely sad to go."

Christin Fankhauser said moving to and working in a small town provided some unexpected but meaningful experiences.

"I thought it was very friendly. We had so many people the day we arrived come and greet us in our office," Christin Fankhauser said. "I come from a big town. I have built relationships with the people that come in. That was pretty unexpected. It's something I appreciate about it being a small town and getting to know the people."

The Fankhausers head to Homer at the end of June. In the meantime they will direct food and housing assistance programs, provide church services and oversee the Salvation Army thrift store.

Incoming Salvation Army Lieutenants will also be new graduates of the training program and won't know about their posting until they graduate.

The Salvation Army has been present in Petersburg for 105 years.


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