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May 30, 1914 – The construction of a water system for the town has actually been started. The new council has taken hold of the work with energy born of a sense of duty that promises to supply the town with a dire necessity. For the last three years, the construction of a plant has been the subject of discussion and irritation, but not much of anything else until the present council, fired with an enterprising spirit started the work.

May 31, 1974 Celebrating the Pilot's 40th Year– George Rice's seventh grade capped a year-end class on aviation by building and flying their own hang glider. The project took only about four to five days to complete, Rice said, and the material cost was held to $18 and a few cents.

Rice's 26 students constructed the bi-winged glider using flooring strips from the old Catholic church, lengths of heat vent bamboo, sheets of plastic for airfoil covering and some wire and turnbuckle hardware to keep it all together. It stayed mostly together for more than 80 short student-powered flights in the elementary school playground.

May 31, 1984 – Two million pounds of halibut slid down the stainless steel ramp this week to the Icicle Seafoods Inc. (PFI) guillotine.

The quality of that fish was much improved over 1983, PFI personnel said. Prices were not.

At press time, total Southeast Halibut statistics were unavailable. Gordon Peltonen, biologist for the International Halibut Commission, said rumors from processors indicate the local fleet probably met its 5.7 million-pound quota.

Many more fishermen participated in the four-day fishery this year, he said. The commission issued 5,500 licenses, including 330 to Canadians this year. That compares with 3,800 licenses issued in 1983, he said.

June 3, 2004 – Petersburg netted its first-ever three-time salmon derby winner on Monday morning when local resident Dick Aho, fishing in Thomas Bay with his wife Gail and daughter Kelly, reeled in a prize-winning 52.1 pound king salmon.

Aho also won the Derby in 1984 with a 50-pound, eight ounce fish and in 1986 with a 47 pound, four ounce catch. Though Ted Weisenberger and Dave Helmick have each taken the top prize twice, only Aho has bragging rights to three-time honors.


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