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Police reports


May 28

Police arrested William L. Smith, 42, on charges of Criminal Trespass.

Caller reported an individual was making false accusations.

Officers received a report of a house fire.

Caller reported an individual threatened to harm self.

May 29

Caller reported a vehicle parked in drive way.

Officers spoke with a driver about slowing down and stopping for pedestrians after a caller reported the vehicle almost struck him.

Officer issued a verbal warning for illegal parking.

May 30

Caller reported a local business vehicle with out-of-state license plates.

Officer gave a driver a warning for stop sign requirements.

Officer responded to a report of a possible drunk driver.

Officer gave a warning for taillight requirements.

May 31

Caller reported a family dispute.

Officer contacted individuals with open containers.

June 1

Caller reported an individual not reporting to ferry for departure.

Officer responded to a report of bicyclists riding on the wrong side of the road.

Officer responded to a report of a truck tearing up grass on private property.

June 2

Caller requested a welfare check on a depressed individual.

Caller reported a truck parked in a yellow zone, obstructing vision.

Officer responded to a report of rocks in roadway. Office cleared rocks and contacted construction company.

Officer responded to a third party report of criminal mischief and determined no crime had been committed.

Three callers reported a dog has been barking for a while and requested someone make it stop.

June 3

Officer responded to a report of a vehicle stopped in the road. A warning was issued for a taillight out.

Caller reported damage and theft.

Officer assisted an intoxicated individual.

Caller reported a lost dog. Second caller reported a stray dog hopped into car and won't get out.

Caller inquired about a suspicious census survey call asking for confidential information.

During this reporting period there were 6 burn permits, five animal calls and two EMS dispatches.


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