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Results from the 2014 Coho Triathlon


Eighteen Petersburg residents competed in the Parks and Recreation annual Coho Triathlon last Saturday. Thirteen individuals and two teams swam 500 yards, biked ten miles and ran 2.5 miles.

“Everyone was in great spirits, even though it was raining,” facility supervisor Heidi Cabral said. “There were lots of

sideline cheerleaders.”

Overall Race Results for Coh20 Triathalon


1:11:26 Carin Christenson, 1st overall and 1st place female overall

1:11:27 Grace Weller, 2nd overall and 2nd place female


1:17:39 Lee Coyle, 3rd overall, 1st place male overall

1:18:46 Skye Weller, 4th overall, 3rd place female overall

1:19:15 Joann Day, 5th overall, 1st place female 40-49 age division

1:26:17 Kyle Hagerman, 6th overall, 2nd place male overall

1:29:11 Marlene Cushing, 7th overall, 1st place female 60+ age division

1:30:02 Karl Hagerman, 8th overall, 3rd place male overall

1:33:15 Susan Erickson, 9th overall, 1st place female 50-59 age division

1:37:12 Rick Braun, 10th overall, 1st place male 60+ age


1:37:59 Garnett Coonrad, 11th overall, 1st place male 30-39 age division


1:20:50 Pam Speck

1:23:07 Rick Brock


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