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June 20, 1914 – A glance over the harbor at Petersburg together with the activity at the cannery, remind the observer that the fishing season is opened. The harbor is clear of its numerous fishing boats and the cannery is running.

Three traps have been completed and are fishing. The Colpoy trap was lifted Thursday and 1000 sockeye, 25 large king and a few humpback salmon were taken. This will start the cannery.

June 7, 1974 Celebrating the Pilot's 40th Year – May Kuwata is queen of the Kings this year, with her 47.5-pound entry in the first annual King Salmon Derby, sponsored by the Petersburg Rod and Gun Club and the Chamber of Commerce.

May's catch earned first prize money of $300—about $6.32 a pound. Whitney Fidalgo bought the fish (at a slightly lower price).

Contest organizers said they are pleased with the 80 entries and the community response, and hope to make the derby an annual event.

June 21, 1984 – Petersburg Jaycees ended their annual Salmon Derby after judging 145 king salmon entries and awarding $7,000 to almost 30 winners.

Weights ranged from six pounds to 51 pounds. Dick Aho received $1,710 for his first prize, 50-pound, eight ounce fish. Anne Lyons was given $1,100 for her second prize, 49-pound, eight ounce salmon, and Bert O'Neil was awarded $735 for his 46-pound, 13 ounce third prize fish.

June 24, 2004 – From teaching stroke techniques before an awed Viking Swim Club in Petersburg to standing under the bright Spanish sun wearing a bronze medal on the champions podium, PHS graduate Derek Gibb is inching his way to the Olympic dream.

"It was awesome," Gibb enthused of his Bronze medal winning (and personal best time) 26.71 in the 50 back in Barcelona on June 9.

Gibb was swimming in the Mare Nostrum Tour 2004. The event featured top swimmers from around the world, all tuning up for their Olympic events or for Olympic qualifying events.


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