Photos from: From Air to Seas

Brian Varela / Petersburg Pilot

Lisa Adams, left, and Kellii Wood, right, hosted their first joint art show at the Clausen Memorial Museum on Friday titled, "From Air to Seas: Studies of Creatures and Landscapes." To the left of Adams is a collection of small pieces in which she explored landscapes, reflections and different colors schemes. The sunsets gave her the opportunity to work outside of various shades of blue. On the right of Wood are numerous plants and animals drawn in detail to give the appearance that the specimens are actually hanging on the wall. Adams' paintings were done with watercolors on watercolor paper. She said she worked on several pieces at a time since she has to wait for each layer of paint to dry before she can continue painting. Wood's work is done on wood and is covered with a resin finish that takes 24 hours to dry and 72 hours to cure. Her acrylic art gives her pieces a sharp contrast. The show will be on display until Oct. 28.

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