Special effects treat this year's Humpy 500 race


Kyle Clayton / Petersburg Pilot

The fat squid releases pink ink before the race begins.

This fall’s Humpy 500 saw five carts zip down PFI hill Saturday afternoon. Kids teamed up to build and design their go-karts as well as costumes that matched their theme.

The Torpedo Shark, driven by Annie Christensen, and its team took first place for Best Design and third in the costume category.

Noah, driven by Chase Lister, and its team took second place in the Costumes category and third place in the race with a time of 21.10 seconds.

The Fat Squid, driven by Lisa Murph, and its team took home the most accolades. The cart that billowed pink smoke simulating squid’s ink took second place in the design category, first in costumes and first in race with a time of 20.33 seconds.

Harbor Security, driven by Allison Davis, and its team took third place in the design category and second place in the race with a time of 20.81.

The results of the Canned Salmon Classic were also announced at the end of the race.

The final 2013 can pack was 28,688,952. Marty Mingisser from Woodinville, Wash. won the first place $2,000 prize and was only 2,829 cans short.

Norma White of Sweet Home, Ore. guessed 12,621 cans shy of the final pack and took home the second place $1,000 prize.

Neither party was present.


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