$40 million for a road? Some Kupreanof Island residents want that money for ferries

8-year-old project finally moves ahead

Series: Kake access road project | Story 1

A patchwork of logging roads already exists, and the project would connect those roads to make a 35-mile, single-lane road between Kake and 12-mile Creek north of the city of Kupreanof.

The money was allocated in 2012 by State Sen. Bert Stedman, R-Sitka, as part of a program called "Roads to Resources" meant to help access to natural resources.

"We need to have a transportation system in Southeast," Stedman said in a phone interview. "This road is part of a bigger drive to help stabilize and expand the economy in Southeast."

Stedman also said the road would make maintenance easier on a propose...


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