Winners of the July 3 Virtual Activities

July 3rd & 4th

Staying Strong


Pie Eating Contest: Owen Anderson

Bubble Gum Bubbles: Stephanie Payne

Egg Toss: Rebel Bennett

Crab Walk: Anya & Matt Pawuk

Messy Wing: Adam Ware

Popcorn Toss: Julie & Emi

TP & Egg Walk: Rebel Bennett

Soda Chugging: Adam Ware

Water Balloon Toss: Anya & Matt Pawuk

Hot Dog Eating Contest: Adam Ware

Hot Pepper Wings: Brandon Ware

Holding Breath: Savina Pawuk

Family Funny Flex Photo: Stanhope Family

Guess the Number: Cheyenne Steele

We're Doing Something: Caroline Craine

I Want: Patti Yoder-Steele

PYRO: Patti Yoder-Steele

Picture of Whisk: Mattea McCaulum



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