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To the Editor:

I wanted to thank the community of Petersburg for being concerned for my wellbeing. The prayers, meals, and reaching out have been very much appreciated. It is a blessing to live in a caring community, and we've been very moved by so many people's eagerness to rally around us and make sure that we are well taken care of while I have been recovering.

However, I also want to take the opportunity to clear up some incorrect information about me that is being passed around on social media and presumably through the community at large.

It has been brought to my attention that my name and alleged medical condition has been shared on the internet. It was reported that I was paralyzed amongst other things. I never was paralyzed. Although the first several weeks were scary and very difficult, I am pleased to report that I have been improving, I can now care for my children, and we're hopeful this will continue through to a full recovery.

We also recently became aware that some fundraising was done on our behalf. We truly appreciate your kind hearts, your desire to help me and others in our community, and are deeply touched at the gesture. However, we cannot in good conscience accept funds when it is possible that many who gave thought I was far worse off than I actually was. We requested that the raised money be given to the other fundraisers currently being held at the local banks.

Thank you and we would appreciate continued prayers to a hopeful full recovery.

Ken and Nora Rock


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