63rd Little Norway Festival

May 14 - 16, 2021

The winners

The top Chamber of Commerce raffle winner of $1,500 was Sandy Volk.

The second place prize of $500 went to Heidi Lee.

Shopping cart race results: 10-13 year old bracket: Tyson Reid. 19-64 year old bracket: Alex. The 65 years and older bracket: Dave Berg.

Lil' Fisk Derby: Braelyn Caulum

Little Norway "Lop the Loop"

Run/Walk: Biking first place: Cadence Flint. Biking second place: Ariel Tucker. Biking third place: Frey Tucker.

Running first place women: Ginger Evens. Running second place women: Michaela McKoewn. Running third place: Anna Hofstetter. Running first place men: Chase Ham...


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