Vikings battle toughest opponents of the season in Ketchikan

1 members of the Petersburg High School boys basketball team traveled to Ketchikan last week to battle some of the toughest non-conference opponents in and out of the state in the Clarke Cochran Tournament.

Though the teams that the Vikings went up against were not all at their level, Head Coach Rick Brock said it gave them an opportunity to get some on-court experience and get comfortable playing as a team before facing local competition.

“At the beginning of the tournament, I could tell we had improved from the week before in Sitka and then by the end of the tournament, I could definitely s...


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Greg Mackay writes:

As usual I gotta listen to what Coach Brock has to say the majority of your article. You have a long article with a couple sentences about who scored what. I couldn’t care less about what Brock thinks! It’s about the kids not him! Greg Mackay