Stedman Elementary Class List for 2022-2023

*To register a new student, please stop by the office at 303 Dolphin Street by August 29th

*You will need to bring current immunization record and birth certificate (legible copy ok)

*If you have any questions, please call the office at 907-302-2385 or 877-526-7656 ext. 400

Mrs. Willis, Kindergarten Erik Adams, Emma Aikins, Annika Barosy Flor, Ryder Bradford, Ole Buotte, Sawyer Cole, Cora Corrao, Brynnleigh Hudson, Henry Kandoll, Mateo Maldonado, Hayden McCay, Lawson Mullen, Amalia Norheim, Heidi Versteeg, Madalina Ward, Amara Westhoff

Ms. Mullen, Kindergarten Erika Boggs, Kaleb Davis, Riley G...


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