January 26, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 4

Police Reports

Jan. 11: Justin Patrick, 26, was arrested on a charge of criminal mischief.

Police responded to a report of a drunken male causing problems at an Ira St. home.

Gasoline was reported stolen from a vehicle at Nordic and Gjoa.

A vehicle was reported on its side along the landfill road.

A caller reported not having seen an individual in a year. An officer reported seeing the person that day.

A caller reported an individual calling him names on two occasions.

A Sing Lee Alley caller reported being, “slammed in the face.”

A LeConte R.V. Park tenant reported someone was bugging him.

Jan. 12: DOT reported a vehicle in the ditch at mile 10 Mitkof Hwy.

A window was reported smashed on a vehicle in the high school parking lot.

Matthew B. Boseman, 21 was arrested on a warrant.

Police assisted the harbor office in contacting the owner of a fishing vessel in the South Harbor.

Jan. 13: A caller reported an individual operating an electric powered chair in the middle of Haugen Drive.

An individual was reported causing a disturbance to traffic by throwing birdseed onto the roadway.

Public works was notified of slippery conditions on downtown streets.

Slippery road conditions were reported on Haugen Drive near the post office.

Fish and Wildlife/AST gave warning to an individual feeding birds and creating a traffic hazard.

An individual donated a firearm to the police department.

A vehicle was reported in the ditch at 8th and Aaslaug.

An intoxicated ex-girlfriend was reported beating on a door of an Exel Street residence.

A four wheeler was reported to be buzzing around on Second St. Officers escorted the subjects home to park the vehicle.

Jan. 14: An Excel St. resident reported harassment from an ex girlfriend. Suspect was GOA.

A bankcard left at an ATM was returned.

A Lumber St. resident reported a snow machine traveling at a high rate of speed up and down the street.

Jan. 15: A caller reported the brass inlays on Nordic Drive sidewalks were slippery when covered in ice.

A frozen water line was reported on Nordic Drive.

Icy road conditions were reported on Mitkof Hwy.

A chimney fire was reported on S. Nordic Dr.

Jan. 16: A deer was hit and in the ditch along Libby Strait.

A water leak was reported at a Philbin Lane residence.

PMP&L was notified of a blown transformer on Kings Row.

Jan. 17: Petersburg Medical Center requested assistance.

A caller reported a vehicle stolen from a Third St. residence.

A caller reported a large trailer being towed with an improper vehicle.

A Sixth St. resident reported a water leak and requested the supply line be shut off.

Officers assisted a resident locked out due to cold weather on Kiseno St.

A caller reported a van, “blowing stop signs,” and provided a plate and vehicle description.

Jan. 18: A caller reported an individual involved in a possible assault during the night.

Jan. 19: A N. Second St. resident reported a vehicle blocking a driveway.

A parked vehicle was reported damaged on Second St.

Jan. 20: A vehicle accident was reported on S. Nordic Drive.

Water was reported on the roadway of N. Third St.

Jan. 21: The harbormaster was informed of a broken pipe in the harbor.

Frozen water lines resulted in calls from six property owners.

Justin Patrick, 26 was arrested on a charge of Violating Conditions of Release.

Jan. 22: PMP&L were advised of repeated power surges on N. Nordic Drive.

Officers found large amounts of water coming from inside a N. Nordic Drive building.

A caller reported a person feeding birds on a N. Nordic Drive sidewalk.

Public works was advised of a frozen meter at a Vesta St. residence.

Snow machines were reported operating at high rates of speed on 5th St.

A caller reported water flowing onto Haugen Drive.

Jan. 23: The fire department was paged out to an Ira II street residence where flames from a burn barrel were reported.

Two callers reported an individual dumping birdseed on a N. Nordic Drive sidewalk and roadway.

Two callers reported ice at the intersection of 12th and Haugen.

A N. Nordic Drive resident reported harassment. Officers spoke with involved parties.

A Lumber St. caller reported people spreading rumors.

A Surf St. resident reported harassment by telephone.

A caller reported theft from a vessel berthed in the Middle Harbor.

Jan. 24: A caller spoke with an officer concerning an issue with another individual.

A caller reported a vehicle obstructing a traffic lane on S. Nordic Dr. and almost causing an accident.

A taxi was reported speeding on S. Third St. several times.

During this report period the EMS was called out three times. Three burn permits were issued and four dog complaints were handled.

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