June 7, 2012 | Vol. 39, No.23

Police reports

May 30

Caller reported vehicle parked over a week without plates on Lumber Street.

Caller reported motorcycle on non-motorized path at the ballfield.

Caller reported black lab trying to attack caller's dogs on Gjoa Street.

Caller reported lost wallet on Fram Street.

Caller reported a smoldering smell in building. Officer and fire lieutenant responded on S. Nordic Drive.

Caller thought there could be an intoxicated driver on S. 3rd Street.

Caller reported barking dog for the last three hours but officer was unable to locate dog at Magill’s Trailer Park.

Caller reported individual intoxicated and doesn't want him around on S. 3rd Street.

May 31

Petersburg Medical Center requested officer presence for intoxicated individual on 2nd Street.

Caller reported yelling at location on S. 3rd Street.

Caller walked in and reported he had hit a deer on the 400 block of N. Nordic Drive.

Caller reported black Motorola Droid cell phone missing since yesterday.

Caller reported truck just ran a stop sign and peeled out recklessly near kids playing at Sandy Beach Park.

Caller reported vision obstructed while pulling out of ferry terminal due to large sign on legally parked vehicle in 1100 block of S. Nordic Drive

Caller reported bright blue and yellow dry bag lost on bike ride. Bag was located at 3.5 mile Mitkof Highway.

Caller reported shoplifter, female in the 300 block of N. Nordic Drive

June 1

Trouble alarm activated at location. Officer and on-call personnel notified on N. Nordic Drive.

Caller reported civil matter on N. Nordic Drive

Citizen requested welfare check on S. Nordic Drive.

Caller reported his dog had ran off. Black and white Border Collie/Husky mix.

Caller reported vehicle parked in no parking area in the 100 block of Gjoa Street.

Panic alarm accidentally activated on N. Nordic Drive.

David Estes, 21, booked to serve time for probation violation.

911 call - Non emergency, walking, talking, laughing background sounds.

June 2

Anonymous caller reported intoxicated individual in road on S. 3rd Street.

Caller reported possible altercation brewing at location on Chief John Lott.

Caller reported dog stuck in dumpster on S. Nordic Drive.

Caller reported accidentally activating alarm.

Caller spoke with officer concerning theft.

Caller spoke with officer concerning theft on Lumber Street.

Caller reported an ongoing problem with a dog in the yard on Hungerford Hill.

Officer spoke with individual at T & H Howkan, all okay.

Caller reported kids on four-wheelers riding up and down the street all day long on Lumber Street.

Caller waved down officer and handed over item someone dropped in the street at Gjoa and N. Nordic Drive.

Caller reported a cat with a trap on his foot in Kake.

Trooper stop at 18 mile Mitkof Highway.

June 3

Caller reported dog at large in alley behind high school.

Caller reported bear shot in no hunting area of Kupreanof Island.

Caller reported a boat had come off its trailer creating a traffic hazard on Haugen Drive above Nordic Drive.

LJ alarm reported burglary alarm activation at 2nd Street and Fram.

Caller reported deer struck by vehicle on Mitkof Highway.

Caller found woman's wallet on the Nature Boardwalk by the school.

Caller reported a vehicle with tinted windows driving recklessly in the street at S. 4th and Kisneo Street.

Caller reported lost cell phone at South Boat Harbor.

June 4

Caller reported possible intoxicated minor causing a disturbance, Jacob Sturgeon, 19, was issued a MIPBC (minor in possession by consumption) on Tango Street

Caller reported howling dogs on Tango Street

Caller reported dog charged him yesterday morning at 2nd and Kiseno Street.

Caller reported motorcycle and quad speeding down trail towards Sandy Beach Road on Hungry Point Trail.

Caller reported contents of purse vandalized at Sons of Norway.

Caller reported dump trucks driving too fast on Neptune Street.

Caller reported finding a dead rooster hanging on his door at Frogs Trail Court.

Accidental 911 dial.

Caller reported skiff stolen at Towne Trailer Court.

Caller reported theft from residence on N. Nordic Drive.

Caller reported damage to vessel on North Harbor Dock.

Trooper traffic stop.

Caller reported missing cat.

Caller requesting officer assistance to get intoxicated individual to leave residence at Magill’s.

June 5

Multiple calls about a boat on fire in driveway on Baranof.

Caller reported checkbook wallet has been missing for a week.

Caller reported an accident at two mile Mitkof Highway.

Caller reported a found motorcycle on the side of the road on Airport Access Road.

Caller brought in jacket found on side of highway on 6/2/2012 at 15 mile Mitkof Highway.

Caller reported white/gray rowboat drifting unattended in the Narrows in the vicinity of the cemetery.

Open line 911 call received.

Caller reported minor vehicle accident. UTC issued to Tyler Wallace, 17, for limitations on backing on S. Nordic Drive.

Caller reported unauthorized charges on ATM card, contacted bank and account frozen on N. Nordic Drive.

Caller requested officer respond to make intoxicated individual leave, but individual left during call at LeConte RV Park.

During this reporting period EMS was dispatched three times and there were four burn permits issued.

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