May 2, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 18

Police reports

April 24

Kristinn Thorsteinson, 17, was issued a citation for speeding 63 mile per hour in a 50 mile per hour zone at 6.5 mile Mitkof Highway.

Two people refused to leave bar after being disruptive with other patrons.

April 26

Orange construction netting was reported blowing loose in the area at N. First Street.

Alaska District Attorney requested an application for search warrant for a vehicle in the impound lot and the warrant was issued.

An alarm was activated by work being done at the elementary school.

April 27

Suspicious activity was reported at a residence on Hungerford Hill Road.

An intoxicated female was reported staggering in the ferry terminal parking lot. Officers responded.

April 28

A vehicle was reported parked halfway in the roadway on N. Nordic Drive.

Officers responded to a reported burglary on S. Nordic Drive.

A vehicle was parked illegally next to a yellow curb at Third and Excel Streets.

Officers spoke with parties regarding an employee, employer argument on Fram Street.

April 29

A caller reported property missing from the gym.

Guy G. Birchell, 19, was booked to serve time for negligent driving and driving without valid license.

April 30

Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department responded to a report of the smell of fumes from a neighbor's fuel heater on Lumber Street.

A possible fight was reported at the playground. Officers responded.

Officers responded to a report of a motorcycle dumped on the grass at the South Boat Harbor.

During this reporting period there were two EMS calls, five animal calls and five burn permits were issued.

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