May 15, 2014 | Vol. 40, No. 20

Police reports

May 7

An officer received a complaint concerning an individual blocking a right of way.

A caller reported an individual who placed a recycling bag on their property.

May 9

A caller reported a woman yelling and screaming, waking people up.

A caller reported a black car speeding.

An officer responded to a request to check on kids sitting on a railing.

A caller reported being threatened.

An officer made contact with a group of individuals at Sandy Beach Park past dark.

May 10

A caller reported loud music and requested music be turned down and doors to business be closed.

May 11

A caller reported an individual has permission to sleep outside of a business.

May 13

A caller reported a whale stuck in the harbor.

A caller reported a truancy.

Officers received a report of an individual aiming a rifle at the caller and their family while walking down Birch Street.

During this reporting period there were 11 burn permits, five animal calls and four EMS dispatches.

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