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  • Wake Up Southeast the Economy is Starting to Leak, So It's Time for Some Action

    Frank Murkowski|Feb 29, 2024

    The recent dictate that our Governor sent to our legislature as well as the residents of Southeastern Alaska was clearly the wrong message. The Governor proposed replacing the Alaska Marie Highway System (AMHS) board with members of solely his own selective choosing. His action lacks a certain sensitivity that is clearly contrary to the advantage of having local community participation in advisory groups. It has been said that true leadership is not done by the one who proposes to do great things, but rather by one who motivates the people to...

  • Guest Commentary

    Frank Murkowski|Jun 22, 2023

    I congratulate the Permanent Fund trustees for adopting Resolution 23-01 at their April 12 meeting to limit additional investment in the in-state investment program in which Barings and McKinley Capital Management have each been given $100 million to place in Alaska investments. The decision appears to have been made in part because of the dismal rate of return received from the in-state investments by the two managers. The decision was also made to see whether the poor performance improves over time. I fully support the trustees’ decisions not...

  • New federal funding could aid Alaska Marine Highway System

    Frank Murkowski|Jan 12, 2023

    It’s past time for the Southeast and coastal Alaska communities to be heard regarding the collapse of our ferry system. It’s time to more forcefully make our Alaska Marine Highway needs known by energizing the Southeast Conference, the Southeast Conference of Mayors, and other organizations. Southeastern and coastal Alaska are entitled to have a highway functioning just like our roaded neighbors to the north. The newly passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill provides the federal funding to make this happen if we don’t let it slip away The AMHS...

  • Guest Commentary

    Frank Murkowski|Aug 4, 2022

    After saying Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was a pariah for the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, President Joe Biden traveled to Saudi Arabia to engage with the Arab world. I believe his priorities are out of touch with most Americans. Today, we continue to see escalating oil and gasoline prices and runaway inflation. Yet our president suggests his mission to Saudi Arabia was to contribute “intense diplomacy.” He further pledges to stay aggressive against Russia and out-compete China — yet not one word on the U.S. energy short...

  • Guest Commentary

    Frank Murkowski|Nov 18, 2021

    There has been a concentrated effort the past few years to develop a long-term solution to the many problems of our ferry system. The effort has been led by the Alaska Department of Transportation. The department has hired several consulting firms over the years including the Spaulding Group, McDowell Group, Northern Economics and the governor’s “reshaping work group,” at a cost to the state of several hundred thousand dollars. These reports have done a good job identifying problems, yet very few of their proposed solutions have been acted...

  • Guest Commentary

    Frank Murkowski|Oct 21, 2021

    Former and current secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack, who was instrumental in reimposing the 2001 roadless rule on the Tongass National Forest in 2011 and is planning to reimpose it again before Nov. 1, has announced “a new Southeast Alaska Sustainability Strategy “to help support a diverse economy, enhance community resilience, and conserve natural resources.” This is to be “a collaborative process to invest approximately $25 million in financial and technical resources in sustainable opportunities for economi...

  • Guest Commentary: Overdrawing the PFD is not right for Alaska

    Frank Murkowski|Jun 17, 2021

    If our old friend, and my mentor, the late Sen. Ted Stevens were with us today, he would have a short and direct solution to the extended deliberations of the Alaska Legislature and governor. It would be: "Just do what's right for Alaska." And he might add a few expletives. It's past time for our governor and a majority of our legislators to recognize the responsibility of each of them to represent the current as well as the long-range interest of Alaskans. This can only be done by making...

  • Guest Commentary: AMHS can be saved

    Frank Murkowski, former Governor|Feb 6, 2020

    I am almost a lifetime SE Alaskan and my wife and I are current residents of Wrangell. I moved to Ketchikan in 1943 when I was ten years old and have lived and worked in almost every major Southeast Alaska city including Ketchikan, Juneau, Wrangell and Sitka and played a lot of high school basketball in Petersburg. I continue to invest in institutions that provide services in each of those communities including Haines and Skagway. I cite these facts because I know how sensitive SE residents are to suggestions offered by well-meaning persons...

  • Guest Editorial

    Frank Murkowski|Aug 9, 2012

    Make no mistake, the Coastal Zone Planning Initiative that will appear on this August’s Primary Ballot, as Proposition 2 is very different from the Bill that passed the House 40-0 in the 2011 session of the Legislature. Proposition 2 will do nothing more than add more government and another permitting layer that will delay projects and cost jobs. As proof – only 7 out of 60 Alaska Legislators supported what will be Proposition 2 when it was proposed as legislation in the 2012 session of the Legislature. Remember – there had been debate on Co...

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