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 By Laine Welch    Dockside    August 22, 2019 

Boot camp to jump start and nurture businesses in communities throughout Bristol Bay, Alaska

Investment  that comes from within, not from without, is the motivation behind a boot camp that...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    August 8, 2019

Alaska Fish Factor

It’s been one year, so how’s that trade war with China working out for the nation’s seafood...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    August 1, 2019

Alaska Fish Factor

As Alaska lawmakers continue their struggle to...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    July 18, 2019

In terms of budget cuts, fisheries fare better than most people

Fisheries fare better than most people in terms of Governor Mike Dunleavy’s budget cuts. Just...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    July 11, 2019

One fisheries item that appears to have escaped Gov. Dunleavy's veto pen is desire to divert local fish taxes from coastal communities into state coffers

One fisheries item that appears to have escaped Governor Mike Dunleavy’s veto pen so far is his...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    July 4, 2019

Eight million pinks landed at South Alaska Peninsula in June

 The biggest fish story for Alaska’s salmon season so far is the early plug of pinks at the...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    June 27, 2019

Alaska Fish Factor: New Alaska law has turned thousands of AK fishing vessels into lawbreakers

A well-intended new Alaska law has gone awry from a botched roll out that has turned thousands of...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    June 20, 2019

Alaska Fish Factor

Salmon dominates the summer fishing headlines but it’s among many other fisheries going on...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    June 13, 2019

Alaska Fish Factor

Alaska fishermen are still awaiting disaster relief funds for the 2016 pink salmon run failure,...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    June 6, 2019

Alaska Fish Factor

Shrimp shines in the Panhandle - Southeast Alaska is the state’s biggest producer of America’s...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    May 30, 2019

Fish Factor: Salmon catches remain near all-time highs

Salmon abundance in the North Pacific has declined slightly over the past decade, but salmon...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    May 23, 2019

Rep. Don Young files Keep Fin Fish Free Act to keep fish farms from U.S. offshore waters unless authorized by Congress

In his 46 years as Alaska’s lone representative in Congress, Don Young helped toss out foreign...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    May 16, 2019

Alaska Fish Factor

Bering Sea crabbers saw upticks in crab recruits during a good fishery for the 2018/2019 season,...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    May 9, 2019

Alaska Fish Factor

Bulldozers, blasters, excavators, vibrators, jaw crushers, drillers, graders, crushers, huge trucks...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    May 2, 2019

Alaska Fish Factor:

 Why should every Alaskan budget watcher care about the price of fish? Because when the price at...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    April 25, 2019

SE drift permit prices up; demand also up for southeast seine permits

Nearly all Alaska salmon permits have gone up in value since last fall and buying/selling/trading...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    April 18, 2019

SE have partnered with Net Your Problem to recycle old or derelict seine and gillnets

The Panhandle plans to be the next Alaska region to give new life to old fishing gear by sending it...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    April 11, 2019

Herring opener still on hold; Alaska fishermen could catch 85% more salmon

Alaska fishermen could catch 85 percent more salmon this year (nearly a hundred million more) if...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    April 4, 2019

Over 20 mayors testify against tax grab by Gov. Dunleavy

None of the members of the Senate Community and...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    March 28, 2019

Commercial fishermen pick up tab for hatchery salmon in Alaska

Commercial fishermen pick up the tab for just about anyone who catches a salmon in Alaska that...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    March 21, 2019

Alaska Fish Factor: New lender offering loans to young Alaska fishermen

”A new lender is offering loans to young Alaska fishermen who want to buy into the halibut and...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    March 14, 2019

Alaska Fish Factor

­­­So how’s that trade war with China going? Up until last July, when the Trump...

 By Laine Welch    Dockside    March 7, 2019

AK pollock noodles swept awards in products competition 

Push that pasta aside. Noodles made from Alaska...


Dunleavy administration has full gag order on AFG&G

Alaska’s new slogan is “open for business” but good luck trying to find out any budget...


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