Library construction will continue through winter


Shelly Pope

Library construction will continue through the winter with the completion of the layered roof that will go over the entrance. These beams will be exposed when the project is complete, giving the interior a comfortable lodge feel.

The new Petersburg Public Library Building is a vision to behold as the roof and walls go up, and construction will continue through the winter with no foreseeable delays. ASRC McGraw Constructors and sub-contractors can be seen, come rain or shine working to complete the structure.

“We are hoping to have the roof done by early December,” Petersburg Director of Community Development, Leo Luczak said. “The goal was Thanksgiving, but with holiday schedules and minor issues we are moving that date out just a little.”

About two-thirds of the roof has been finished and the walls are up and protecting the inside of the building from the weather.

“The waterproof membrane has been installed on the outside of the building,” Petersburg City's onsite construction administrator Dan LaForce said. “The foundation has about four inches of foam in place and that will continue over all of the outside of the building.”

According to LaForce, there have been some minor problems with the pre-fabricated connectors for the rafters, but they are being taken care of.

“The issue we have had with the connectors will, in no way alter the contract,” LaForce said. “Those issues are being taken care of by the contractor.”

Luczak stated that this is the first time he has been involved in a project where there isn't someone asking for more money.

“We haven't had any issues with the budget,” Luczak said. “I hope the project continues in this manner.”

The foundation inside the building is riddled with ductwork for the ventilation system and is waiting to be tested.

“We would have had the slab poured inside already if it weren't for this ductwork,” LaForce stated. “The engineer is supposed to come sometime next week to test this system.”

He also explained that it may not have been necessary to test but this system is going to be under the concrete and the heating system within the concrete.

“It wouldn't be smart to pour without knowing the system was working properly,” LaForce said. “But work will continue all winter and we are still looking at a July 2013 completion.”


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