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Precautions being taken

To the Editor:

The Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department is continuing to enforce its protection measures for its members and the public at the Fire Station. This is to maintain a safe working environment during the current health concern caused by Covid-19.

The public and department members have been encouraged to minimize their visitation to the station to lessen the potential spread of this virus to department employees and volunteers. An infection of a member could affect our response to public safety emergencies within our community.

We would also like to note that volunteers responding to emergencies or helping with public events are taking extra precautions to protect themselves and others from spreading this virus. We ask that you please stay a safe distance from our volunteers and respect their requests for direction when given.

The Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department thanks the community for their continued support and understanding while these protection measures are in place.

David Berg

Assistant Chief, PVFD

My choice

To the Editor:

I am continuing to wear my face mask while in public places until I feel safe again. There are many opinions in our community and this one is mine. I am choosing to protect myself the best way I know with the information made available to me by those who understand the science and nature of a rampant virus. When I start to feel a little comfortable, I remember the 109,000 people who have died to date in the past three months and that keeps me masked for a bit longer each time.

When I leave my vehicle, I Purell my hands and put on my mask. When I get back after doing errands, I Purell my hands and once inside the car, take off my mask - every time. I want to live to be a really old woman and this is just part of the program that is now everyday in my life.

Do I resent those who bump into me in the stores, or walk close by on the streets unmasked? Nope, I just silently say a little prayer that they do not have the virus and their luck continues with their disregard for what most of the country is trying to do - stop the virus.

Again, this is what works for me. Stay safe and be well.

Sally Dwyer, masked and OK with it.


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