To the Editor

Thrift Store

To the Editor:

We need to ask the community of Petersburg to stop dropping off donations when the store is closed. The stealing and vandalism from our local thieves is getting out of control. Your donations left when we are closed is attracting them, and we end up having to take donations to the dump as a result of damage. They are known to urinate on items, dump liquid in the bin and recklessly throw things around and they end up broken. Please do not leave your items when the store is closed.

Drop off times are Tuesday - Friday 9:00 to 5:30 and Saturday 9:00 to 4:00, and items can be put in the bin on the steps.

Thank you. We do appreciate your donations, but please only during open hours.

Major Loni Upshaw

Petersburg Corps

Regulatory malfeasance

To the Editor:

When malfeasance on the part of a pharmaceutical company becomes known, not too many people are surprised. When it's found out that US regulatory agencies worked hand-in-glove to enable the malfeasance, it's horrifying. Who's watching out for us?

Imagine a drug where safety trials were rushed... companies lied... government agencies went along with it... the media pushed it... then the injuries started coming in. Attempts were made to hush it up and hide the victims. The drug was so popular and making so much money for pharmaceutical manufacturers that it was full steam ahead.

Of course, I'm speaking about thalidomide. Babies hidden away from public view, born with flippers, or missing arms or legs. This was only one of many cases where regulatory agencies failed the public they are supposed to serve.

Bottom line? Nobody is watching out for you like you may hope they are. It's up to you to dive deep and weigh all the contrasting "scientific" opinions.

Dana Thynes


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