Editorial: Pilot swan song

It all began about 45 years ago on my second visit to Petersburg to seek bank financing for the purchase of the newspaper that replaced the failed Petersburg Press just 28-months earlier. At 23 years of age I was to become the youngest newspaper publisher in Alaska.

After filling out the loan application for National Bank of Alaska branch manager Fred Morino, it didn't look good.

The newspaper assets that would collateralize the 3-year note didn't even total 50% of the requested loan ... even if the bottle of Mr. Clean solution was deemed half-full.

Fred did his due diligence, and he apparentl...


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Martin Thomas writes:

Ron - you took me and a friend on a fishing trip back in 2002 - many years ago. I was impressed by what you built over the years and the legacy that others will carry on. Thanks for what you do for your community.

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