Hammer & Wikan Grocery to install self-checkouts


January 27, 2022

Illustration courtesy of Todd Hampton

This floor plan displays the location of the four new self-checkouts at Hammer & Wikan Grocery. The store will undergo remodeling to replace two registers with the self-checkout stands while converting the tobacco counter into a more usable manned register.

Hammer & Wikan Grocery is set to welcome four self-checkout stands in early February according to Grocery Store Manager Todd Hampton.

The self-checkouts will replace registers two and three following a remodeling of the checkout lanes with the hope of adding convenience to the shopping experience according to Hampton.

"We're just trying to bring Hammer & Wikan up with the times and try to match what other places are doing in the lower 48," Hampton said.

Though the recent nationwide staffing shortage partially impacted their decision to take this step, Hampton said the self-checkouts...

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