Morning visit up the Raven Roost


February 2, 2023

Ola Richards / Petersburg Pilot

Sunday morning Margaret Agner was camping with friends (Ola Richards, Lauren Barbour, Jenny Winters, and Taylen Reed) at the Raven's Roost Forest Service cabin when she heard the sound of footsteps crunching in the snow. A wolf, unconcerned with the campers and their five dogs, walked past the cabin and along the ridge, giving the campers an excellent sighting. Alexander Archipelago wolves average between 30 and 50 pounds and are about 3.5' long and 2' tall at the shoulder. Their coat is generally a dark gray, however, individuals from different islands in the archipelago have a propensity for different color phases, from pure black to combinations of black and white to a much brighter cinnamon color.

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