First herring opening lasts less than 2 hours


March 30, 2023

Photo courtesy of Don Spigelmyre

Herring spawn turns the color of the coastal waters in the Sitka Sound into glowing turquoise.

With large schools of herring located by sonar and desired quantities of mature roe detected in two test sets, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game opened the 2023 Sitka Sound sac roe fishery at 1:15 p.m. Tuesday in designated areas south of town in Leesoffskaia and Aleutkina bays and Deep Inlet.

Fishing was closed by field order at 2:32 p.m. No figures were immediately available on the total catch in the hour and 17-minute opening.

All told, 30 vessels are registered to fish this year.

The guideline harvest level for the season is 30,124 tons.

Prior to sending the seiners into action, a...

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