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By Olivia Rose
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Can Petersburg build a landslide warning system like Sitka's?


January 25, 2024

Olivia Rose

Lisa Busch (right) calls up Jacquie Foss (left) to answer questions from attendees during the presentation at the Petersburg Public Library on Jan. 17.

In 2015, a deadly landslide occurred in Sitka. Anxiety swept the community as a result, and the frequent heavy rainfall typical for Southeast Alaska became a source of fear for many Sitkans left questioning when the next disaster would strike - and wondering what they could do to keep the citizens of the city safe.

In response to the concerns, the Sitka Sound Science Center organized a volunteer team of geologic and climate experts from across the country.

For over a year, the group met frequently over the phone until they finally visited Sitka to educate the community and address their anxiet...

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