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 By Yereth Rosen    News    November 23, 2023

Alaska minimum wage set to increase in new year; additional hikes proposed in ballot initiative

Alaska’s minimum wage will increase on Jan. 1, 2024 from $10.85 to $11.73 an hour, in accordance with a law put in place by a 2014 citizen... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    News    November 16, 2023

Debate over Pebble mine in Alaska's Bristol Bay region moves to dueling Supreme Court briefs

The company trying to build a huge copper and gold mine in the salmon-rich Bristol Bay will keep fighting for the project, despite a decision by the... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    News    November 16, 2023

Salmon returns to Alaska's Bristol Bay expected to drop to more normal levels next year

After recent years of record or near-record runs and harvests, Bristol Bay sockeye salmon numbers are expected to return to more average levels next... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    News    October 19, 2023

Alaska flu cases increased last year, spiking in early winter, while vaccine rates lagged

After a period when COVID-19 restrictions halted the spread of other respiratory diseases, Alaska had a big increase in influenza cases, state data sh... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    News    June 15, 2023

Pebble Mine company to pay shareholders who claim they were duped

The company behind the controversial Pebble Mine in Southwest Alaska has agreed to pay nearly $6.4 million to a group of shareholders who claim they... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    Dockside    June 8, 2023

Fishers harvesting abundant Bristol Bay sockeye could fill knowledge gaps about declining Chinook

In the Bristol Bay region, sockeye salmon runs have been booming while Chinook runs have dwindled. Now scientists are seeking to enlist fishing crews... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    News    May 18, 2023

Alaska House follows Senate to pass bill authorizing sale of carbon credits from state land

The Alaska House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a bill that would allow the state to set up a system for using state land to sell carbon-offset... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    News    May 11, 2023

Wastewater plants at Southeast sites likely to need upgrades to control bacteria

Alaska’s coastal communities are home to more than a third of the U.S. wastewater plants that are still allowed to treat their sewage at the lowest... Full story


Fishery expert says he is optimistic about long-term prospects for Bristol Bay sockeye salmon

The long-term outlook is bright for Bristol Bay sockeye runs, source of a thriving commercial... Full story


Alaska officials prepare for possible commercial fishing expansion into Arctic waters

Bans on commercial fishing in U.S. and international Arctic waters have been lauded as admirable preemptive actions that protect vulnerable resources... Full story


Fishery disaster aid and nearly $500 million worth of Alaska projects included in omnibus budget bill

Aid to Alaska fishermen, companies and communities was included in the year-end omnibus appropriations package that won final passage last Friday. The... Full story


Alaska crab fishery collapse seen as warning about Bering Sea transformation

Less than five years ago, prospects appeared bright for Bering Sea crab fishers. Stocks were abundant and healthy, federal biologists said, and... Full story


Fishery disasters declared for several poor or closed Alaska crab and salmon harvests

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo on Friday approved disaster declarations for several... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    News    November 10, 2022

In closely watched Alaska U.S. Senate and House races, outcomes will take 2 weeks to be determined

The nation's eyes are on the U.S. Senate and House races in Alaska, but anyone wanting to know the... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    News    October 6, 2022

At Kodiak fisheries debate, Gara and Walker find common ground while Dunleavy is a no-show

At a forum on fishery issues held in the seaport town of Kodiak, two of the leading gubernatorial contenders spent time focusing on a man who was not... Full story


State requests 100% federal disaster funding to pay storm costs

Alaska officials are asking the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide 100% of the funds necessary for Western Alaska communities to recover... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    News    September 1, 2022

NOAA office releases strategic science plan to support Alaska mariculture ambitions

Alaska has special opportunities for developing a thriving aquaculture industry, but also special challenges that stand in the way of such ambitions,... Full story


To encourage more young fishermen, look to farm programs as models, new study argues

Young Alaskans seeking to break into commercial fishing face a lot of the same barriers that confront young farmers in the Lower 48 states, but they... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    Dockside    July 21, 2022

Tale of two salmon fisheries:

For Alaska salmon fishing, the summer of 2022 is the best of times and the worst of times. In the Br... Full story


Al Gross will withdraw from Alaska's U.S. House race

Republican candidate Tara Sweeney cannot replace independent candidate Al Gross in Alaska's special... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    Dockside    June 16, 2022

Fishery managers call for deeper look at salmon bycatch, but decline to tighten rules

Western Alaska villagers have endured the worst chum salmon runs on record, several years of anemic Chinook salmon runs in the Yukon and Kuskokwim... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    News    June 2, 2022

EPA moves to prevent Pebble Mine development in Bristol Bay watershed

The Biden administration has officially revived an Obama-era plan that would put the Bristol Bay watershed off-limits to the proposed Pebble Mine or... Full story


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